Posted on: October 30th 2018

Staff v Sixth Form Football

As the sun set on the last Friday of half term, our boys ran out on to the field ready for the long awaited battle with their greatest foes; the teachers. Rallied together and allied with Sam and Keval, the boys stepped up to the field. The match was the stuff of legends, as was the goal made by none other than Mr McConnell himself, not to mention Dr Thompson’s contributions both on and off the field. 

Despite putting up a good fight and drawing three all by the end of the hour, the Sixth Formers lost to the teachers on penalties. Maybe it was Mr. Hodges FA Cup experience or the betrayal of Jack Rickard to the Teacher’s Team, either way, the boys were tragically vanquished by their veteran opponents. Their supporters were left heartbroken; not even the amusing quips of Adam Parsons and Mr Grayson’s comical dynamic as the commentators of the match could lift their spirits. Looking forward to a rematch! 


Match Reporter: Ellie Gething





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