Posted on: February 8th 2018

LDBS Celebration Service

On 26th January 2018,  12 students and staff were invited by the London Diocesan Board of Schools to St Paul’s Cathedral for their service of celebration.

It was great to be with other staff and children from our London family of Church of England primary and secondary schools in such a beautiful historic building.  We worshipped and gave thanks through a variety of ancient and modern songs.

Tower Hamlets Deanery Children’s Choir sang a beautiful anthem called ‘Lord of Wisdom’, written by one of the precentors of St Paul’s Cathedral, Michael Hampel.  It was an ethereal heavenly sound as it echoed around the dome area of the cathedral. 

Most students had not been there before so it was new for them to experience the cathedral’s liturgy, music, acoustics and traditions.


Year 10 student Mairi wrote:

St Paul’s Cathedral was an exciting trip.  We got the main train to Waterloo then took two underground trains to get there.  Being the oldest student in our group, I got to go up and represent the school by giving a postcard which will be passed on to a church school in Angola or Mozambique where London Diocese have a partnership.

Mrs Ratnayake made me Chaplaincy Prefect for the day.  We all had so much fun and I was with my friends so that was a bonus.  We had an amazing day and I would recommend the school to go again.

Year 7 student Olivia  wrote:

My favourite part about going to St Paul’s Cathedral was seeing the beautiful art work inside.  Also  the music, the trumpets and the choir.  I loved it all.


Year 8 student Grace wrote:

I enjoyed the trip because it was interesting to see a different way of worshipping God.



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