Posted on: August 10th 2021

Congratulations to all our A level students

Congratulations to all our A level students on a remarkable set of results in the most challenging of circumstances. Every grade awarded to our students is well deserved and was based on a robust range of assessments, the cumulation of two years hard work.

Despite the challenges our students have faced in the last 18 months, this year’s results are exceptional, and as such our students will be taking up outstanding University, Apprenticeship, and Work placements across the country. We are proud of all our students and their results wishing them well for the future.  We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the exceptional achievements success of the following students:

Liz Porter :- Sociology A* Economics A* Psychology A* Extended Project A* to study Psychological and Behavioural Science at The University of Cambridge

Tegan Lawrence :- Biology A* Chemistry A Spanish A* Extended Project A* to study Biomedical Science at The University of Warwick,

Sam Cotton:- A English Literature A* Religious Studies A* History, to study at the University of York

Naomi Effiom-Whate:- Chemistry A English language A* Psychology A* to study Law at The University of York

Simone Heathcote:-   Biology A* Chemistry A Maths A* To Study  Pharmacy at Cardiff University

Tahseen Kashif:- Business Studies A Maths A*  Religious Studies A* to study Accounting and Finance at The University of Birmingham

Thank you to our Parents and carers for their support, the A level subject teachers and all of the Staff at the school who contributed to today’s results.




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