Posted on: April 4th 2019

Accelerated Reader Prize Draw Winners

During the Spring Term students have been earning prize draw tickets by achieving 100% in their Accelerated Reader quizzes. The prize draw took place on Wednesday and the results are below:

100% achieved in quizzes - congratulations to:

Chichester - Josh, 7C

Kensington - Thomas, 7K

Lancaster - Cameron, 7L

Salisbury - Caelen, 7S

Winchester - Emily, 8W

York - Cora, 8Y

As our current theme is Harry Potter each student has won a chocolate ‘Dragon Egg’.

Achieving 100% in quizzes whilst above their personal target - congratulations to:

Year 7 - Amelie, 7Y

Year 8 - Eve, 8S

Year 9 - Ruby, 9S

These students have each won a Kindle Fire.

The overall House results for most 100% tickets earned:

Chichester - 168

Kensington - 171

Lancaster - 131

Salisbury - 128

Winchester - 172

York -  154

Congratulations go to Winchester, winning by a margin of just 1 ticket. Each Winchester class will receive a sharing prize.

Well done to all the students for their fantastic reading and quizzing, keep up the hard work as there will be another chance to win in the Summer term.

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