Posted on: August 17th 2023

Sixth Form celebrating outstanding A level and BTEC results

Congratulations to our students for their performance in their first formal external examinations. Today, we acknowledge their achievements and the impressive set of results they have attained across various subjects. 

Our student outcomes across the range of subjects offered at Bishop Wand show the diversity of talents present within our student body. A noteworthy number of students have secured A* and A grades in subjects including Art Photography, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English Literature, Politics, Geography, History, and Mathematics PE, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Tourism. Additionally, achievements encompass distinctions in, BTEC Sport. Some of our ACE Academy students completed the Diploma in Sporting Excellence with several other students successfully completing the Extended Project. 

These results lay a strong foundation for students' future endeavours, offering opportunities for university placements, apprenticeships, and professional pathways. As students move forward, they carry with them the legacy of their time at Bishop Wand, and we hope they continue to maintain their relationship with us as alumni. 

The attainment of these results signifies the culmination of two years of rigorous study undertaken in challenging circumstances. We extend our appreciation to our dedicated staff for their unwavering support to students throughout this period. 

Headline Figures 

A* to A Grades 


A* to B Grades 


A* to C Grades 


A* to E Grades 


Individual Highlights  

Isabel Harry  A*A*A* - Gap Year then University of Southampton to read Oceanography 

Daisy Graham A*A*A* - Gap year  

Tapuwa Katsidzira A*A*A - University of Bristol to read Mechanical Engineering 

Kian Norval  A*A*A - University of Exeter to read Accounting and Finance 

James Nguyen A*AA and A in EPQ - University of Bristol to read Economics 

Ilyan Gurgov-Stoyanov A*A*B and A* in EPQ – Gap year 





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