Posted on: July 14th 2022

Student Council Conference 2022

Mrs Anderson and I were incredibly privileged to take our student council to the Student Council Conference at Winston Churchill School in Woking yesterday.

We took Evie, Maeve, Leila, Joshua, Leon, Bella and Hannah. They were absolutely incredible and represented Bishop Wand so well! They were split up for the first sessions to work with students from other schools and as we walked around the room to listen in, it was clear that they had some of the leading voices in their groups. They spoke with confidence about what they thought our school does well and how they would like to influence change. Suffice to say - I was very proud of them!

Two sessions were run by Professor Andy Adcroft, Deputy Dean of Surrey Business School. The first session was all about “leadership without authority” and the second was all about how to set short and long term goals.

I was especially proud of our students as they demonstrated what great ambassadors for Bishop Wand they are, and how passionate they are to influence positive change for our school community.

Mr Wood


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