Student Voice

At our School we recognise and appreciate the power of the collective Student Voice. We have developed a House Council that ensures that the voice of the students is heard.

The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, we believe that we are raising up the leaders of tomorrow in our School. The House Council allows us to enable these students to grow in their skills. It gives them the opportunity to lead on big issues, to work together as a team and with outside agencies, it allows them to present ideas that they are passionate about and strive for change. Secondly, as a School we are always striving to be the best that we can be, listening to our students’ opinions about school life is invaluable in this pursuit.

Our School has seven houses, Brisbane, Chichester, Kensington, Lancaster, Salisbury, Winchester and York. Each house has a Head of House – this is a teacher. It also has a Deputy Head of House (an elected sixth former) an Assistant Head of House (an elected Year 11) and then form representatives from each year group. This allows all of our students to have a say about our School.

In the past couple of years, the House Council has contributed hugely in the following areas of school life:


Raising the profile of recycling

Reducing our carbon footprint

Becoming an Eco School

Teaching and Learning

Feedback to staff on how teaching is moving learning forward from a student’s point of view

Promotion and improvement of the Sixth Form

Extra-curricular opportunities

Society and Values

Planning new Inter House competitions and activities

Creating a coat of arms for each House

Developing new clubs for each year group

School Facilities

Developing the School facilities

Plan how to utilise School facilities


Hampers prepared for our local churches and food banks

Save the Children Charity fundraising events. Last year we managed to raise almost £7300!

Christmas and Easter concerts

Building further links with our community