Our Library

Our Library is a bright, spacious area, open throughout the School day, including break and lunchtime. Students often find that our Library is a calm environment away from the hustle and bustle of school life, especially when they are new to “big School”.

We offer access to over 9000 books. The majority of these can be borrowed by our students and we aim to keep these as up-to-date and relevant as possible.

The fiction titles are grouped according to genre, and include Young Adult, Fantasy, Thriller, and Historical Fiction. In addition, more challenging titles are available for older and more confident readers. The non-fiction area is organised by subject type; for example, History, Geography, or Science.

Seventeen computer workstations are sited in the Library for general use. A variety of software programmes are on hand, and students may access a filtered version of the internet.

Our librarian, Mrs Brown, aims to foster a love of reading in every student by assisting them with their choice of books. Our ethos is that we believe anyone can become an avid reader if encouraged to find what is right for them, and reading for pleasure has been proven to help students with their school work across the whole curriculum.

We also run the Accelerated Reader scheme across Years 7-9, which aims to guide students with their reading choices and reward their success. We have found this an excellent way to both track the reading progress of our students and to get to know what they like to read in depth.

Throughout the year we celebrate a variety of literary events such as National Poetry Day, World Book Day and The Clip-Carnegie Book Awards, with reading groups, competitions and topical displays to keep the magic of story-telling alive.