Governing Body Resignations

The Bishop Wand Church of England School

Last revision date: 15th December 2020

Governor Name

Governor Position


Term of Office

Relevant Business Interests

Mrs M Ade-Onojobi


Elected by Staff

25th November 2016

Staff Governor

Mr N Adolphus



London Diocesan Board for Schools

1st September 2014

(Resignation effective 2nd January 2016)

Governor of St Nicholas CofE Primary School, Shepperton

Mr N Akers



7th December 2018

(Resignation effective 10th February 2016)

Child/children attend School

Professor J Barlow


Foundation Governors

17th January 2019


Mr A Brame Parent Parents 3rd July 2017 Child/children attend School
Mrs M Bramhall Parent Parents 17th December 2022 Child/children attend School
Revd J Fernandes Foundation Area Dean of Spelthorne Ex Officio  
Mr M Graham Foundation LDBS 14th October 2020  

Mr J Lennon


Spelthorne Deanery

31st July 2016

(Resignation effective 18th December 2015)

Child/children attend School

Mrs C J Mackley



21st April 2020

(Resignation effective 10th October 2016)

Child/children attend School

Employed by Surrey County Council

Mr B Winstanley Foundation LDBS

14th October 2018

(Resignation effective 31st January 2017)

Child/children attend School

Son employed by School
Revd C Swift Foundation LDBS Resignation effective 5th November 2017

Vicar of St Nicholas Church, Shepperton

Governor of St Nicholas CofE School, Shepperton

Dr M J Barlow Foundation LDBS Resigned 17th January 2019  
Mrs T-A Cutbush Staff Staff Resigned 14th July 2019  
Mr B P Grew Foundation Bishop of Kensington Resigned 31st August 2019  
Mr R Dickens Foundation LDBS Resigned 22nd April 2020 Child/children attend School
Revd Dr A Saville Foundation Area Dean of Spelthorne Resigned 24th March 2020

Vicar of All Saints Church, Laleham

Area Dean of Spelthorne

Governor of Laleham CofE Primary School

Mrs C Gill Foundation Hounslow Deanery 31st July 2020  
Mr I J Kirk Parent Parents Resigned 28th November 2020  
Ms S Dodd Staff Staff Resigned 7th December 2020  
Mr T J G Wood Staff Staff Resigned 8th March 2021  
Mrs C Batt Foundation LDBS Resigned 27th April 2023

Child/children attend School

Employed by Surrey County Council

Chair of Governing Body, Laleham CofE Primary School