The Friends of Bishop Wand School

We are very fortunate that there are two charities that support The Bishop Wand Church of England School.  These were set up several years ago by parents and the Governing Body. Both have similar aims to support the children studying at the School; although they operate in different ways.  Parents/carers can choose whether to support the School through one or both of these charities.

The Friends of Bishop Wand School (Charity Number 296037)

Objective: Supporting the educational needs and activities of children attending the School.

As a parent/carer of a student at The Bishop Wand Church of England School you will automatically become a member of The Friends of Bishop Wand School.

The ‘Friends’ is an informal group who has the shared aim of bridging the link between the School and parent/carers. We meet half-termly and are joined by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. At our meetings we learn about new developments at the School, which will impact on students and families. We also share great ideas on fund raising and how we can offer our services and expertise to the School.  We organise and run fund raising events (e.g. quiz nights, pamper evenings and raffles) for projects such as refurbishing the Bishop’s Building and buying a school minibus.

If you can spare some time to help please email us or come along to one of our meetings to find out more.  We are always looking for new parents/carers to help build positive relationships with the School.  Our email address is

The Governors and Friends of Bishop Wand School (Charity Number 1081558)


  • Supporting The Bishop Wand Church of England School in its endeavour to allow all students to 'Realise their God given potential.'
  •  Extend the facilities so that the wider community of the school may benefit from them.
  • Support the education of the students of the school, during and after school hours.

Parents/carers are asked to make a monthly contribution to the charity.   The more funds we raise the more our students benefit and your contributions make a real difference.  Your continued support ensures that a safe and high quality learning environment is provided for our students.

The Charity helps to develop and enhance our school buildings, site and facilities.  It contributes towards the cost of capital projects such as new classrooms and IT resources.  This year we contributed towards new servers for the School IT network, refurbishment of the main school hall and the replacement of the lighting in the Sports Hall.

The Governors and Friends Fund meets half the School Chaplain’s costs. The pastoral care at Bishop Wand is outstanding, as confirmed in the SIAMS inspection which took place in March 2015, and greatly appreciated by the children and parents/carers.

Please contact the Treasurer (Email: if you would like more information about the charity and how you can contribute to its excellent work.