Student Council

At The Bishop Wand Church of England School we have developed an inclusive student voice structure that has gone from strength to strength each year. We are now starting our sixth year with the current structure and students are very excited about helping our School and their local community.

Our Student Council starts off every year with the election of eight senior students which takes place in the first half term of the year. Out of these eight students one Head Boy and one Head Girl are elected. A new concept to the Student Council this year, is that all students from Year 7 to 13 will be elected, with the whole school participating in an election week.

Each successful candidate from Year 7-13 will have prepared an election speech and presented this to their tutor groups. On their successful nomination, they will then deliver their candidate speeches to their respective Year groups. However, the Senior Student team, Head Boy and Head Girl candidates, will deliver their speeches to the whole School. This will then be followed by an election week when both students and staff vote for their council.

Three students from Year 7 to 10, 6 students from Year 11 and the eight senior Students will form our Student Council. The successful students will then take ownership of one of the five areas of our student Council:

  1. Environment
  2. Teaching and Learning
  3. Society and Values
  4. School Facilities
  5. Community

The Student Council is always fully functional before the October half term and they waste no time in planning projects and events.  You will be able to see some of the examples below from each of the five sections:


  1. Raising the profile of recycling
  2. Reducing our carbon footprint
  3. Becoming an Eco School

Teaching and Learning

  1. Feedback to staff on how teaching is moving learning forward from a student’s point of view
  2. Promotion and improvement of the Sixth Form
  3. Extra-Curricular opportunities

Society and Values

  1. Planning new Inter House competitions and activities
  2. Creating a coat of arms for each House
  3. Developing new clubs for each year group

School Facilities

  1. Developing the school facilities
  2. Plan how to utilize school facilities


  1. Hampers prepared for our local churches and food banks
  2. Church Urban Fund Charity fundraising events. Last year we managed to raise almost £7300!
  3. Christmas and Easter concerts
  4. Fun days
  5. Building further links with our community

The House System