Options Process: Year 9

The following information sets out the process for students in Year 9 deciding on their GCSE Options for KS4.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is made up of the following:

  • The Core - English, Maths, Science, RS, Computer Science/ICT and Core PE
  • Option Subjects - 3 subjects from a variety of curriculum areas such as humanities, languages, creative and performing arts

To help the students to make informed choices at KS4, students will be made aware of the Pathways of Learning available to them. Pathways of learning are:

  • Appropriate routes for learning
  • Based on prior data and student performance
  • The best academic route to be successful through KS4

There are two main Pathways of Learning:

The Core Pathway – students will follow:

  • The Core subjects
  • 3 option subjects
  • A breadth of subject choice including a Language, Humanity and a Creative/Performing subject

The Alternative Pathway – students will follow:

  • The Core subjects (Level 1 or 2)
  • A reduced option programme with additional in-house support

We will recommend the pathway that best suits each individual student:

  • Interest and engage the student
  • Lead to achievement and success
  • Be useful for the student’s future learning and progression
  • Be linked to the student’s chosen career path

Students currently make their choices from the following subject areas:

Art                               BTEC first in Sport                                           BTEC in Travel and Tourism  

Business Studies         Citizenship                                                      Computer Science      

Dance                          Drama                                                             Food Studies

French                         Geography                                                       Graphic Product     

History                         Media Studies                                                 Music      

Photography                Physical Education                                         Resistant Materials

Spanish                       Textiles Technology