House System

In the 2016-17 academic year we gave The Bishop Wand School Student Council a face lift. As a team we most certainly achieved a great deal and we are super excited for another exciting year ahead. In the summer term, we held a whole School election, where each House elected representatives from Years 8-11 that they felt could share their voice and make vital improvements to our School. Our lovely new Year 7 students have been working hard in their initial Citizenship lessons campaigning to join the Student Council this year.

Our Year 7-11 students join the Senior Student team from the Sixth Form to represent and organise activities for each of the following committees:

  1. Environment
  2. Teaching and Learning
  3. Society and Values
  4. School Facilities
  5. Community

As a council, we are always fully functional before the October half term and we waste no time in planning projects and events. Over the last year, our committees have organised a different event or activity each half term. These activities helped to unite the Houses and bridge the gap between the older and younger students, as well as our local community.

Our grandest achievement by far is the creation of our House crests. Two students from each house were selected from a pool of entries to design a Crest and select a bible verse which they feel represents that House and our School. The next stage of our process is to create a specific prayer for each House that we can reflect on in Form time, House assemblies and our House services, which will commence in 2017.

House logos

Over the last year, the Student Council has planned and organised many new House events for School. Students have partaken in: House public speaking, poetry and writing competitions, a Modern Foreign Languages spelling bee and the Big Bish Challenge.

This year we are aiming higher and want to include new activities for our students to get involved in. We are excited to announce House Countdown and an agricultural group that will be commencing in the Autumn Term.

Our events are free to attend and students will earn points for taking part and if they are amongst the winners for the event of activity.

The 2016-17 academic year has been very competitive with Lancaster House leading the House Cup table throughout. However, a heroic performance at Sports Day saw Salisbury House move from third to first place and steal the House Cup. With only 72 points between first and second place, we can predict that York House will be looking for glory in 2017-18!

We are looking forward to another exciting year and the publication of the Bishop Wand: House Crest History, where you can find out more about the history of our fantastic House system.

If you would like to share any ideas for the Student Council to put forward to the Senior Leadership Team or would like to get involved with any events or activities, please contact Miss Armstrong, who is Head of Student Leadership at Bishop Wand.

House Competition Autumn Calendar 2017-18

House Prayer Competition

Harvest Hamper Appeal    

House Countdown

House: Rugby, Football and Netball      

House Poetry Competition

Christmas card Competition        

House Service        

Service for the senior parishioners of St Saviour's Church