House System

At The Bishop Wand Church of England School we have six forms of entry for each year group from Year 7 to 11. There are 180 students in each year group and they are divided into six tutor groups. Each tutor group is represented by a House and this is reflected in their school ties and also their House t-shirts which are worn as specific times of the year e.g. Sports Day.


The House names for our School were chosen because of the Bishop John William Charles Wand. He was an Anglican minister who worked as a Bishop in Australia, Bath and London. He ministered to many people over his lifetime (1885 – 1977) and worked in many cities and towns. Our School decided to choose some of the places he visited and ministered as the House names we use.

During the year each House competes against each other to earn points. The competitions have a very wide range and are both practical and academic. They also take into account behaviour, attendance and representation in a school club or show. All of these activities earn points for the House. On the last week of term we have our last big Inter-House competition where the winning House for the year is revealed. It is a very exciting day and is something the students really enjoy.