Year 9 Options

We have sent a copy of the Options Booklet via Parent Mail.  I hope that you find it useful and are looking forward to our Year 9 Options Evening on Wednesday 22nd  January, 2020.  The Options Evening will allow you to meet with departments and discuss any questions that you may have about each subject.  There will also be a presentation in the hall that will address all questions regards the options process.

The Options Evening starts at 6.00pm and from 6.00pm and until 7.40pm you will have the opportunity to visit up to a maximum of 5 different subject areas.  At each subject area you will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation or ask questions about the subject.  Could I please request that you sign in at the foyer entrance to the school.  At 7.40pm, Mr Aldridge and myself will outline the whole options process in the main school hall.  The evening will finish at 8.00pm.

A copy of the different timings for each subject, along with the location will be attached as a separate document.  Your child will also be given a hard copy.

I have also arranged for you and your child to have the opportunity to speak with Miss Rook, who is the head of our 6th form, about any issues you may have regarding A Level pathways. Miss Rook will be based in the foyer, so please see her during any of the question slots that she has available.

Can I also take this opportunity to remind you of the following event:

Year 9 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 13th February, starting at 3.15pm until 7.00pm.  You will receive an email to let you know when the online booking system for this event goes live.



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Yr 9 Options Subject Brochure Jan 20 10th Jan 2020 Download
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