Live Event and FAQs

Please find a link to a recording of our live event on the 30th June at The Bishop Wand School. 


If you have any queries about our Transition programme which haven't been answered on this website, then please email

Frequently asked Questions

What is on the lunch menu for Day One? 

You will need to bring a packed lunch on day one, so please bring your favourite lunch with you! If you are in receipt of free school meals, then these will be provided on the day. 

Is there a school bus for my area? 

Please see the Surrey County Council website for bus routes to The Bishop Wand School. 

Surrey County Council (external link)

Will Year 7 receive swimming lessons? 

We do have a swimming pool and Year 7 do receive swimming lessons in the spring term once a week for around 8 lessons.  However the current pandemic may cause these arrangements to change. 

Do I need to bring my swimming kit in the first week?

No, you won't need your swimming kit in the first week.        

Will the timetable be the same as in Year 6? 

No. You will have 5 one hour lessons a day and each day you will be taught a varierty of subjects by different subject teachers. 

Will other year groups return on the first day in September or will it just be Year 7?

We are hoping that Year 7 will have the opportunity to return to school before other year groups. 

How long do we get to move between lessons? 

A few minutes. We expect you to move directly to your next lesson.  

Are teachers strict? 

All of our teachers are wonderful! They are all kind, caring and firm but fair.   

How do we know which tie we have to wear?

Once you know which tutor group you are in you will be able to purchase the correct tie from Sanco. Sanco know which colour tie is needed for each house. 

Will we be in the same house as our siblings? 

No, not necessarily.

Are maths and English lessons with your tutor group or are their separate groups (streamed)?

You are in separate groups for maths lessons and but remain in your tutor groups for English lessons.

Further questions and answers to follow.